Month: September 2011

Peacocks, Clangers and a Sousaphone

It’s the End Of The Road as we know it … and I certainly felt fine. Over the first weekend of September, I camped at a music festival, for the first time ever (well, discounting a disastrous visit to Reading Festival back in the mists of time, when a friend and I ‘camped’ without a tent, and left the next day, cold, wet, and miserable). End of the Road is rumoured to be the discerning muso’s music festival. By no stretch of the imagination could I be called a discerning muso, so I’m delighted to welcome the first ever guest blogger to GoosterontheLoose, the fabulous Fiona Freel, who is indeed a discerning muso, a writer who packs a punch and a veteran of EOTR to boot. Take it away Fifi! (more…)


Out and about on the South Downs

The horse’s blunt white nose pointed towards the sea. Its tail streamed backwards in the direction of Alfriston, the charming, teashop-laden village where we’d parked our red Beetle. As we made our way up High and Over Hill, our way barred momentarily by occasional buffets of sea-scented wind, the horse cantered silently, chalkily, across theDowns. The hillside was shadowed, but as we stood on the crest, the soft sweeps of land below us were highlighted by a mellow late summer sun. The river Cuckmere meandered unconcernedly across the marshes of theSevenSistersCountryPark. At the end of its journey, a few miles south, it would spill out onto the beach at Cuckmere Haven, a pebbly cone at the foot of the first of the austere white Seven Sisters, the famous chalk cliffs that form part of the Sussex Heritage Coast. (more…)