Month: December 2014

The Twelve Shoes of Christmas: Happy Christmas!


The twelve pairs of shoes (and yes, OK, they were mainly boots!) have been worn, photographed and blogged. Now Christmas Day is here and it’s time to relax in my cosy slipper boots! I got these in a market in Vilnius and unfortunately they’ve seen better days – they seem to be moulting. Who knows what Santa might bring though?? HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL! And thanks for reading.

The Twelve Shoes of Christmas: Day 12


Day 12 already! I can hardly believe it. And there are plenty of shoes – and boots! – that didn’t make the cut. So Christmas Eve is here, and it’s my sister’s birthday, so we’re going out for a family dinner this evening. I’ll be wearing this pair of cobalt blue and black shoes with ankle strap. Happy Christmas one and all: if you’re reading this, I hope you’ve enjoyed my shoe parade and watch out tomorrow for a bonus pair!!

The Twelve Shoes of Christmas: Day 8


I am on a leopard skin roll! After yesterday’s ankle boots, today I’m on to the leopard skin heels. I must add that I did not wear these to Borough Market earlier today (black Converse with a sheepskin lining). But I’m going out tonight for cocktails and dinner and will be hauling out a little black dress, which cries out for a glamorous shoe companion. These are the first non-boots to appear!