About Me

Two of my big passions are travel and writing. I started this blog on a 6 month trip to South America, Sept 2009-March 2010, to bring these two interests together. Since then, I’ve carried on adding to it (sometimes very sporadically!) with posts of other trips and events. I’m a big fan of food, wine, coffee and trekking so these topics may feature more than once, and as I also like photography there are quite a few pictures on here as well.

This website is purely for fun. If you’re interested in what I do for work, I have a portfolio career combining leadership/executive coaching with coach training and editorial consultancy for selected business authors. You can find out more on my business site for Liz Gooster Ltd.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about this Gooster on the Loose site, please post a comment – I’d love to hear from you! And you can also follow me on Twitter @lizgooster


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. please less of the Jean Paul Sartre. The idea is to have fun. Can we get to the bit where you get mullered at a beach party in Uruguay and end up in an inappropriate situation with a surfer dude half your age

  2. Are you taking requests? I’d like to see some musing on the Art of Packing Lightly. (And admit it, Goosie on the Loose would have been SO much better!) Jx

    1. No, it would *not* have been better as Goosie on the Loose! And thanks to JD for inspiration for the actual (and better) blog name,

  3. Excellent we get to the interesting bit. rio,samba,beach parties till 6am. Very jealous. Dimly remember how much fun it was. Can I request as much detail as we got on Pablo Neruda…..think of it as payback for your literary challenged readership.

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