The 12 Days of Shoes, Day 10 – The casualisation of glamour

It’s official: we all want to be more comfortable now! Covid has prompted us to re-evaluate what we wear – or at least, accelerated a trend that was already gathering pace. Most obviously, when so many of us have been working from home for so long, our perception of appropriate workwear has shifted. When/if the office becomes reinhabited in a big way, maybe the heels, ties and smart suits, jackets and dresses will re-emerge. Or maybe they won’t …

For the moment at least, fashion definitely has a ‘dressed down’ vibe and ‘athleisure’ is apparently having a moment. This is not just the style columnists talking – the serious research undertaken by consultancy giant McKinsey was the first place I came across the term ‘casualisation of glamour’.

I can certainly relate to this. I love my quirky shoes, but many of them aren’t that comfortable to wear. Whereas previously, I’d happily just crammed my trainers in my bag and changed my shoes before and after meetings, I’m finding that I’m less willing than I was before to forego the comfort and convenience of wearing shoes (or, for me, often boots!) that work all day. I’m far less accepting of discomfort. Could be age, as well as covid … . Either way, I’m definitely thinking of adding some new shoes to my collection next year, that combine being both fabulous and comfortable. Wish me luck – and check back in next Christmas to see how I get on!

And today’s shoes … (slightly grubby) white trainers with camo laces, of course!


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