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The Twelve Days of Christmas: The earrings series – Christmas Day


Did I say yesterday’s pair of diamonds were my piece de resistance? Well, I may have to reconsider! How about these little babies? Flashing Christmas reindeers! A Poundland special. What more can I say?

It has been a lot of fun doing this year’s earrings series. And delving into my trinket box has been a real nostalgia trip in many cases. It’s made me realise just how much of my jewellery has either been given to me by my lovely family and friends, or bought somewhere on my travels and just how much pleasure this gives me. So I will continue to buy distinctive pieces on my trips – and hopefully the gorgeous gifts will keep on coming!

This project has also reawakened my enthusiasm for more adventurous earring wearing and next year I’m determined to bring a greater variety to my ear adornments. It’s been a blast. I think next year it might be time to go back to the shoes. I’ll just need to make sure I have enough new pairs to showcase (shoecase?) alongside some of my long-loved faves!!




The Twelve Days of Christmas: The earrings series, day 12


So here’s my piece de resistance – time to bring out the diamonds! These were my beautiful gift from my fiance for my 50th birthday last month. Needless to say, I love them. Who wouldn’t? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and all that. Sparkly, elegant, indulgent, glamorous. I thought they made the perfect shiny spectacle for a glittering Christmas Eve with mulled wine and mince pies around the Christmas tree and later on a steely martini or two after the little one has gone to bed.

The Twelve Days of Christmas: The earrings series, day 8


After a tasteful and subtle pair yesterday, it’s time to go wild today. These are for you, Richard Boyle! They are beaded and dangly and bold. While they look quite African, I think I actually bought them in Mexico. I have a black and white pair too, but I thought today called for full-on multicoloured joyfulness. While they are pretty long – they almost brush my shoulders! – they are light and so not too uncomfortable. This project is certainly helping me rediscover some of my long lost jewellery friends, as I haven’t worn them in years. Welcome back, magical Mexican adornments!

The Twelve Days of Christmas: The earrings series, day 7



A very subtle and stylish pair today. It was tricky to take a decent pic of this pair – I ended up slotting them down the edge of our dining room table. They do look a little like cufflinks … These were a gift and I find their monochrome colour scheme and the Art eco geometric design super appealing. Nothing garish or blingy about these. They’re not likely to attract attention  (unlike my Day 5 pair, which drew several comments and a very curious pair of chubby baby hands when I first put them on) but they’re great to wear and add the finishing touch to any outfit. I’m working from home today so am in comfy jeans and a warm sweater; these give a slightly sharper edge to my look that reminds me it’s a work day not a weekend.

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Earrings series, day 5


Unlike yesterday’s entry, there’s nothing understated or subtle about this pair! I believe the technical term for this style is ‘chandelier’. They drip with bright, vivid colour and even manage to incorporate a cheeky bit of glinting crystal. I thought they would add some glitz and glamour to a winter Monday. I have an appointment with my physio, a coffee date with a friend and our toddlers, followed by Christmas shopping in Cambridge and I think these will work just fine for all of those. I might have to take them out for my Zumba class in the evening though, as if they’re hectically swinging around I figure they will be painful in my ears. Coronation Street viewers might see them as coming from the Bet Lynch school of jewellery but I like to think they are more a la mode than brash. I ordered them online after seeing them in my style bible, Stylist magazine. I think I’m going to have fun wearing them today: let’s see if anyone notices them!

The Twelve Days of Christmas – Earrings series, day 4


For me, these are a small dash of bling, in a (hopefully!) tasteful way. They are rose gold spheres speckled with tiny crystals. I bought them from the Swaroski store just off Union Square in San Francisco. It took me several visits to overcome my hesitation and I’m pleased I did, because these now have a ‘wear anywhere’ ease in my earring wardrobe. I put them in this morning before going out for a run and they’re equally at home bringing some understated sparkle to a work outfit. Love them!

The 12 Days of Christmas – Earrings series, day 3



This is one of my favourite, fun-to-wear pairs. And they always remind me of my friend and colleague, Linda Woolston, who loves them too! I bought them at the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain and they are bright red, plump, pouting, sensual Salvador lips. My visit to Figueres was with three wonderful women I met while travelling in South America. For several years, we met once a year, visiting each of our home countries in turn. This made for fun-filled reunions in The Netherlands (Amsterdam,) Denmark (Copenhagen) and the UK (London), as well as Spain, of course.  So as well as being bright and eye-catching, this little pair also carry lots of friendly associations for me.