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Best in Show

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In the ‘posh tent’ ambience of the lunchroom, we settled into our starters of fresh asparagus and smoked salmon, with a crisp glass of pink fizz. Outside, we could see a giant boat-shaped pod in a gaudy shade of candyfloss pink, suspended high up in the air and overflowing with ferny plants and frondy leaves. As we watched, it was raised and lowered by the overarching arm of a huge metal crane. Across from the floating pod, and just out of sight, was a tall glass tower sectioned into cubby holes packed with shredded books, straw, peat plant pots and other enticing paraphernalia, each ‘room’ in the ‘insect hotel’ a perfect mecca for small birds and insects. We smiled contentedly across our heavily linened table, now loaded with a light fish main, perfectly cooked and served with a creamy primrose yellow sauce. (more…)

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier … Pedlar?

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‘You don’t want to walk the Peddar’s Way’, said Andy, the angular-faced gamekeeper, as we sat in front of a sizzling log fire in the cosy-nooked Old Windmill Inn, Great Crissingham. ‘It’s boring.’ Slightly belated advice, as by this time we were about 35 miles into the ancient 47-mile route. (more…)


A stack of slick-backed brochures now glistens on top of the unread newspapers bedded down in my magazine basket. I’ve just been to the Destinations Travel Show at Earls Court ( and have come back loaded up with leaflets and with a brain brimful of trips I could take – if only I had the time and the money. From yurts in Mongolia to bears in Alaska, the temptations are endless. (more…)