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Peacocks, Clangers and a Sousaphone

It’s the End Of The Road as we know it … and I certainly felt fine. Over the first weekend of September, I camped at a music festival, for the first time ever (well, discounting a disastrous visit to Reading Festival back in the mists of time, when a friend and I ‘camped’ without a tent, and left the next day, cold, wet, and miserable). End of the Road is rumoured to be the discerning muso’s music festival. By no stretch of the imagination could I be called a discerning muso, so I’m delighted to welcome the first ever guest blogger to GoosterontheLoose, the fabulous Fiona Freel, who is indeed a discerning muso, a writer who packs a punch and a veteran of EOTR to boot. Take it away Fifi! (more…)


House of Rufus

Described on the website as ‘Five nights of velvet, glamour and guilt’. (, it was indeed a plush, glam, old-fashioned night of entertainment with unadorned, reverberating singing, champagne and enormous velvet curtains. Balanced up in the slips, nestling under the roof of the venerable Royal Opera House, we couldn’t help but notice that the top curtain frills were heavy with dust – so there were limits to the perfection! (more…)