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Wet bank holiday Monday in Montevideo

I arrived in Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay by ferry on a rainy Sunday morning. I’d had a very scanty night’s sleep  – you could hardly call it a night, just a couple of fleeting hours following a tango show, dinner and drinks, some unsatisfying calls to banks (my cards had been stolen on the Friday evening ) and a hasty dawn packing up of my apartment. (more…)

Home from Home

I take my hat off to the photographer at the apartment rentals agency. From the “loft style” description and the craftily composed pictures of exposed brick, sweeping glass rimmed terrace and open plan elegance, I was expecting minimalist Docklands style. Instead, it seems I´ve rented  a weary concrete box, with cheap, unstable furniture and threadbare, floral bed linen that harks back to the ´70s. (more…)