Death of ‘La Negra´

At the Feria de los Matadores in the far west of Buenos Aires  last Sunday, there was a distinct lack of gaucho (cowboy) displays, my main incentive for making the long trek out there. But in the prettily colonnaded Plaza de los Mataderos, charismatic Juan in spotless white shirt and cloud grey felt hat, compered a lively set of regional singers, bands and dance troupes. (more…)

Home from Home

I take my hat off to the photographer at the apartment rentals agency. From the “loft style” description and the craftily composed pictures of exposed brick, sweeping glass rimmed terrace and open plan elegance, I was expecting minimalist Docklands style. Instead, it seems I´ve rented  a weary concrete box, with cheap, unstable furniture and threadbare, floral bed linen that harks back to the ´70s. (more…)