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The Twelve Shoes of Christmas: Pair 7


I thought it was time for the leopard skin kitten heel boots to come out to play! Last day of work before the holidays and everything: the time felt right. These were the ones I was hankering after when I was considering the zebra-patterned pair from Day 2. I thought those ones might scratch the animal print itch, but they didn’t, so when there was a sale on at Kurt Geiger I used it as an excuse to get online and order these little beauties. Sorry Kate, still no flats … though as I write I am wearing some old trainers with holes in the toes as I’ve just been to the gym.


The Twelve Shoes of Christmas: Pair 4


Day 4, and I have a Christmas lunch today in Hoxton, so I am pulling out the stiletto heeled black ankle boots with punky double zips. I bought these in Dune earlier this winter – no hesitation at all with these, especially as they were 20% off at the time! Actually I see they have a 50% off sale on their website at the moment; better not linger too long on there …

The Twelve Shoes of Christmas: Pair 3


Later today I am doing a guest slot as a publisher for my good friend Andrew Webb’s Guardian Masterclass on ‘How to write and publish a book about food‘. I am wearing mainly black and thought I needed to make a sartorial nod to my creative side, so I will be wearing these fabulous stripy boots by United Nude. I saw them in Westfield Stratford City just after it opened, when I went along with my sister and her family to check out this new shopping centre just a few miles from home. Initially I wasn’t sure – seems to be a theme emerging here! – but then I couldn’t get them off my mind so I went back a few days later and grabbed them!