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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 11


A pair of dinky little Chelsea boots today. I got these from Poste Mistress, the same shop as the spotty pair from Day 6. My sister and I were shopping together; she found these and I copied her. She is a ruthless negotiator so we got a bit of a discount. As well as looking great, they’re comfortable, so a good buy methinks!


The Twelve Shoes of Christmas: Pair 6


So I’m half-way through my ‘twelve days of shoes’ game and still on the cute little boots theme! These are a fairly new acquisition: I bought them from Poste Mistress in Covent Garden, my new favourite shoe shop (there could be another pair from there heading along at some point!). This dotty pair was a treat to myself after 6 months of being ‘at large’ and in business for myself. They are great fun and today am teaming them with a (fairly subtle) Christmas jumper for my Alliance meeting.

The 12 Shoes of Christmas: Pair 5


Today’s number: a pair of wine-red shoe boots decorated with two rows of buttons. They’re from Jones, I’ve had them for years and still love them and they’re the perfect match for the red wool dress I’m wearing. However, my first two clients today have cancelled so I may well be in my slippers at home for most of the day, before putting these on for a meeting later this afternoon! I’ve had a comment that this blog series is looking more like ‘The Twelve Boots of Christmas’ and that could indeed turn out to be the case. We’ll see!