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Peacocks, Clangers and a Sousaphone

It’s the End Of The Road as we know it … and I certainly felt fine. Over the first weekend of September, I camped at a music festival, for the first time ever (well, discounting a disastrous visit to Reading Festival back in the mists of time, when a friend and I ‘camped’ without a tent, and left the next day, cold, wet, and miserable). End of the Road is rumoured to be the discerning muso’s music festival. By no stretch of the imagination could I be called a discerning muso, so I’m delighted to welcome the first ever guest blogger to GoosterontheLoose, the fabulous Fiona Freel, who is indeed a discerning muso, a writer who packs a punch and a veteran of EOTR to boot. Take it away Fifi! (more…)