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Take the High Road

The trail from Lukla airport to Everest Base Camp climbs from an altitude of 2840m to a head-spinning, lung-grasping 5364m. Yet this is no wilderness trek. The route is flecked with hikers kitted out in expensive outdoor gear; porters bent under impossible loads; fleets of furry yaks ferrying local supplies and trekkers’ kit up and down the hills; and local Nepalese going about their business. This might be the Himalayas, but the Khumbu region of eastern Nepal is home to over 150,000 Sherpas and the bustle of daily life is much in evidence. As well as the local colour there is plenty of camaraderie among the walkers, as we wish each other luck and enquire anxiously about conditions higher up. We meet other Xtreme Everest groups coming back down from Base Camp, a group of doctors and a group of Sherpas participating in the same medical research as us. They tell us that night-time temperatures are as low as -20 degrees Celsius. My bone marrow shivers at the thought. (more…)


A stack of slick-backed brochures now glistens on top of the unread newspapers bedded down in my magazine basket. I’ve just been to the Destinations Travel Show at Earls Court (http://www.destinationsshow.com/london/welcome/) and have come back loaded up with leaflets and with a brain brimful of trips I could take – if only I had the time and the money. From yurts in Mongolia to bears in Alaska, the temptations are endless. (more…)