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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Earrings series, day 5


Unlike yesterday’s entry, there’s nothing understated or subtle about this pair! I believe the technical term for this style is ‘chandelier’. They drip with bright, vivid colour and even manage to incorporate a cheeky bit of glinting crystal. I thought they would add some glitz and glamour to a winter Monday. I have an appointment with my physio, a coffee date with a friend and our toddlers, followed by Christmas shopping in Cambridge and I think these will work just fine for all of those. I might have to take them out for my Zumba class in the evening though, as if they’re hectically swinging around I figure they will be painful in my ears. Coronation Street viewers might see them as coming from the Bet Lynch school of jewellery but I like to think they are more a la mode than brash. I ordered them online after seeing them in my style bible, Stylist magazine. I think I’m going to have fun wearing them today: let’s see if anyone notices them!

The Twelve Days of Christmas – Earrings series, day 4


For me, these are a small dash of bling, in a (hopefully!) tasteful way. They are rose gold spheres speckled with tiny crystals. I bought them from the Swaroski store just off Union Square in San Francisco. It took me several visits to overcome my hesitation and I’m pleased I did, because these now have a ‘wear anywhere’ ease in my earring wardrobe. I put them in this morning before going out for a run and they’re equally at home bringing some understated sparkle to a work outfit. Love them!

The 12 Days of Christmas – Earrings series, day 3



This is one of my favourite, fun-to-wear pairs. And they always remind me of my friend and colleague, Linda Woolston, who loves them too! I bought them at the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain and they are bright red, plump, pouting, sensual Salvador lips. My visit to Figueres was with three wonderful women I met while travelling in South America. For several years, we met once a year, visiting each of our home countries in turn. This made for fun-filled reunions in The Netherlands (Amsterdam,) Denmark (Copenhagen) and the UK (London), as well as Spain, of course.  So as well as being bright and eye-catching, this little pair also carry lots of friendly associations for me.


The 12 Days of Christmas – The earrings series, day 2


It’s day 2 and I have an important business meeting today. Time to bring out a cherished pair of danglers. These were a gift from one of my great friends, Claire, when she was living in Dubai. I always think of her when I put them on, which gives them an added shine. I’ve had them for years now and they’re definitely a trust feel good favourite. Just the right combination of classic with slightly unusual. And I love the warm purple of the glassy circles.