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Real live gauchos

The Uruguayan landscape as seen from the window of my bus from Montevideo was not dramatic or spectacular, but verdantly green, dotted with lush trees, including placid palms. All very restful for the jagged city soul. At a very brief glimpse this seemed like a very rural country and US statistics (www.state.gov) bear this out, suggesting that almost a quarter of Uruguay´s GDP comes from agriculture and agro-industry, and over two thirds of all exports. (more…)

Wet bank holiday Monday in Montevideo

I arrived in Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay by ferry on a rainy Sunday morning. I’d had a very scanty night’s sleep  – you could hardly call it a night, just a couple of fleeting hours following a tango show, dinner and drinks, some unsatisfying calls to banks (my cards had been stolen on the Friday evening ) and a hasty dawn packing up of my apartment. (more…)