Travel to lose yourself

Well, post number 1 was successful! Have had some great comments on the ‘Why go anywhere?’ question – thanks, and keep then coming. Taking into account the input so far, plus some ruminations of my own while lounging in my garden (well, I am on sabbatical …), I think my objectives are:

  • To have fun
  • To drift around and enjoy having no objectives
  • To leave behind the routine and the predictable (and Walthamstow)
  • Linked to the above, to be open to possibility and see new places, people, things
  • To put aside  my everyday persona and (re)discover parts of myself that don’t often get an airing (I’m talking personality here, rather than body parts!)
  • To (re)learn Spanish
  • To have fun (I know I’ve said that once already, but it’s important)

I have a feeling this blog could become quite distracting. The temptation is to feed its hungry maw with trivia rather than get on with things. At the moment, for instance, I should be hunting down an apartment in Buenos Aires. I’d found the perfect little studio flat but some other damn gringo has decided to stay in it until December. How inconsiderate.

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3 thoughts on “Travel to lose yourself

  1. write write write!!! we want to share all the fun!
    look at me sat in on a Friday night with ferrero rocher and tea- please inspire us with your experiences… good luck with the apartment thing.

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