Where next??

A slightly different post today. I want to ask readers’ opinions on the final leg of my journey. As some of you may know, I’m flying back to London from Bogota, Colombia. But I’m now considering travelling overland to Brazil from Bolivia to sample the famous carnival. What do you guys think: stick to plan A (reports of Colombia are unanimously positive) or head to Rio with no Portuguese, no flight and nowhere to stay? Vote now!!

Thanks all for your participation. BRAZIL WON! I am therefore following my readers’ wishes and going to Rio for carnival (this is a modern day version of Luke Reinhardt’s Dice Man, with interactive blogs instead of dice). But for those of you who voted for Colombia, don’t be too disappointed, because I will still have a week for a little taster trip to Bogota and Cartagena. Watch this space!


6 thoughts on “Where next??

  1. Either I’m the only person to vote so far or we all think you should go to Brazil. No idea about Columbia – never been. Have been to Rio a long time ago and thought it was amazing. How could you miss the chance to go to Carnival? Don’t worry about no Portugues. They understand Spanish and English and if not that then sign language (seem to remember using sign language in a pharmacists when I had the squits!).

  2. No contest really. Got to be Brazil hasn’t it. I can’t believe that you’re homeward bound already. Where did the time go?

  3. Goosey. If you have a sizable chunk of money left in your wallet, I vote for Rio/Carnival. If you don’t – Colombia. Either way, you win!

  4. This poll thing is fun! It´s looking like Brazil at the moment guys, but it´s not too lat to register your vote. Do it TODAY because I´m about to go óff the grid´into the salt flats and deserts of Bolivia for a few days and want to start making some onward travel arrangements (for once!)

  5. Come on Goosey !!!
    Its got to be Colombia.
    You can do Brazil any old time, Colombia’s a once in a lifetime type deal.
    Just think of all that luverly coffee

  6. Thanks everyone for votes and comments – Brazil it is! It was about 68% vs 32% in the poll and I´d say about the same in the separate messages I´ve received. Never one to disappoint my readers, I´ll be heading to Rio for carnival, so watch this space! But if you wanted Colombia, do not despair, as I´m flying to Bogota on 18 February and so will still have a week before my homebound so am planning to squeeze in a visit to Cartagena and to Playa Blanca.


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