New poll on my website branding – please vote, I need your views!

Time for another poll – I just love ’em! I need to do some back-end technical work on my blog/website (yawn) and am taking the opportunity to look again at my brand (see how I avoided saying ‘relook’ there!). I’m still defining my coaching niche, and who knows where my pretentious portfolio career will take me in the future, so should I stick with or should I go for a more personal branding approach with Answers on the voting buttons below please! This poll will close at midnight on Friday 29 July, so please vote now. To avoid confusion, I’m not rebranding GoosterontheLoose, it’s my other site, I’m thinking about.

Many thanks in advance for sharing your opinion.


5 thoughts on “New poll on my website branding – please vote, I need your views!

  1. move it to YOU ARE THE PRODUCT AND THE BRAND! I’d have if it was available.

    On the other hand has been good to me, but then it’s different areas.

  2. Thanks Webb – I remember you were always in favour of ‘Liz Gooster, the brand’! But what if turn into Stuart Baggs … ??

  3. I followed the links from LinkedIn to twitter to the blog, because of curiosity about business publishing/coaching, not Liz Gooster.
    To attract subscribers from outside your circle, go with the subject …
    At the time of my vote it’s 40-60 in favour of the name — I hope you achieve a clear result by 29 July!

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