The Twelve Days of Christmas: The earrings series, day 9



A lovely pair today. They were a bit difficult to photograph so I ended up sticking them in a lime … Anyway, they’re glinting ice blue crystals (actually described as Sahara blue by the designer), framed in irregular circles of silver. Last year I discovered a new favourite jewellery store in the Westfield shopping mall in San FranciscoUno de 50. It turns out there’s a store in London too, and Paris and no doubt in many other global cities as well. Anyway, I treated myself to a chunky ‘statement necklace’ in the company’s ‘Fire & Ice’ series and these are the stud earrings that go with it. The wonderfully friendly (and hence, incredibly effectively salesman) young man working in the shop told me and the baby globetrotter that the designs were inspired by Iceland. Having been on a couple of trips there over the last few years and been enchanted by it, this was an added attraction. It felt as if I was meant to have this jewellery! 🙂


One thought on “The Twelve Days of Christmas: The earrings series, day 9

  1. Hi Liz,

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