The 12 days of shoes, day 4 – these boots are NOT made for walking!

Gloriously bright. Perilously high. Incredibly uncomfortable. In other words, totally impractical. These rarely get worn, but I totally love them so I can’t make myself get rid of them. Marie Kondo would probably tell me to bid them a fond farewell, but then again, they do spark joy, so maybe I’m justified in holding in onto them!

Knowing when to let go of something (and I don’t just mean physical objects) is one of those incredibly valuable skills that can usher in space, clarity, focus and generally make your life flow more smoothly. It could be a goal that’s no longer relevant, a dream or vision that no longer inspires, an assumption or mindset that holds you back, a relationship that’s not working, a habit that no longer serves you … Whatever it is, we all have things we’re holding onto that we’d be better off letting go: the key is learning the practice of judging which those are! This means taking the time to reflect and being very honest with ourselves, even if we don’t like what we uncover.

Anyway, I’ve thought long and hard, and even though these boots never leave the house, they’re staying with me for now! This morning was our last Meyler Campbell Faculty meeting of the year – a virtual one. So, along with my Santa’s hat and red lipstick, I happily donned this jaunty pair. Even though no one else could see them on the Zoom call, they made me feel more festive and positive, which in my book at least, is well worth the wardrobe space!


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