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To go to Syria or not go to Syria, that is the question

Last year I ran a reader poll, which I greatly enjoyed, to ask any of my friends and trusted advisors who cared to comment whether I should go to Rio for carnival or to Colombia.  The consensus was Rio, so I went and it was great. (I also managed to squeeze in a very short visit to Colombia as well). I’m now facing a new dilemma, on which I’d appreciate your input again. The situation is this: I’ve booked to go to Syria on 19 April, a jaunt I thought of a while ago to take full advantage of the run of bank holidays coming up. The idea was it would be an interesting place to visit, warm, a fairly short flight away. Now, like much of the region, the country is ripe for political instability and violence. This is the latest Foreign Office recommendation – pretty con-committal really. http://tinyurl.com/6hjovvs

So my question for you is: shall I go as planned or should I cancel? Vote now please!