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And the ‘Nos’ have it …

So, the votes are in, and have been counted and verified. In the final analysis, you, the readers, voted 65: 35 (%) in favour of cancelling my trip to Syria. So, I’m now in the process of cancelling my flight (it’s not like I had anything else booked). I’ll leave the medieval streets of Damascus, the imposing crusader castles and the historic sites of Aleppo ’til another time. Many thanks to all who participated in the poll and to all those who’ve contacted me separately with their advice. I think my mum will be happy with the consensus decision!! Am now thinking of going to Spain instead …


To go to Syria or not go to Syria, that is the question

Last year I ran a reader poll, which I greatly enjoyed, to ask any of my friends and trusted advisors who cared to comment whether I should go to Rio for carnival or to Colombia.  The consensus was Rio, so I went and it was great. (I also managed to squeeze in a very short visit to Colombia as well). I’m now facing a new dilemma, on which I’d appreciate your input again. The situation is this: I’ve booked to go to Syria on 19 April, a jaunt I thought of a while ago to take full advantage of the run of bank holidays coming up. The idea was it would be an interesting place to visit, warm, a fairly short flight away. Now, like much of the region, the country is ripe for political instability and violence. This is the latest Foreign Office recommendation – pretty con-committal really. http://tinyurl.com/6hjovvs

So my question for you is: shall I go as planned or should I cancel? Vote now please!