The Twelve Shoes of Christmas: Pair 1


Shoes, glorious shoes! As many people who know me are aware, I do have a certain fondness, some might say a weakness, for shoes. I am particularly keen on the little ankle boot. And we are of course approaching the full frenzy of the festive season. So I thought I would combine the two in a fun challenge: to wear a different pair of shoes every day from now until Christmas Eve and post a photo of them, with a brief note or comment.

Before anyone posts a correction, I know that the official Twelve Days of Christmas start on Christmas Day and run through until 6th January (Epiphany or Twelfth Night). I looked it up. And who knows, if I enjoy the challenge, and discover that I have enough shoes, I might carry on for a second Twelve Days! But for now, my ‘Twelve Shoes of Christmas’ experiment is running from today, Saturday 13th December, up to Christmas Eve.

So here is Pair 1, black suede ankle boots with blue sparkly detail. I got these in Topshop quite a while ago now. Magpie-like, I was drawn to the glittery jewel effect and they were an impulse buy. I was a little concerned that I would never actually wear them, but au contraire, they have been on many an outing and often attract positive comments, including from assistants in shoe shops! So I am about to put these on and head out for a London day, taking in Camden, the Thames Clipper and Greenwich.


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