The Twelve Shoes of Christmas 2019 – Day 1!

Are you superstitious?

It’s Friday 13th. I’m not superstitious and I’m definitely not a political blogger. But today feels very gloomy. Boris Johnson has been elected as Prime Minister with a resounding rout at the polls for the Conservatives. I didn’t want Jeremy Corbyn as PM either, so I’m not sure what I was hoping for as an outcome from yesterday’s elections, but I do feel very down at the prospect of leaving Europe.

Last year I committed to reviving my Twelve Shoes of Christmas blog series, after a year or two of dallying with earrings and cakes. While it is a very trivial pursuit, I feel in need of a bit of lighthearted fun so here we go with Pair 1.

These shoes are definitely not made for walking! Tonight is date night and we are going out for dinner at a fancy Indian restaurant, so this evening I will be tottering along in these high heeled black little numbers with ankle straps. Good job we’re getting a cab …


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