The 12 shoes of Christmas series 2019 – day 2

Red shoes. I think I’ve been captivated by them since I saw Dorothy’s enviable pair in the Wizard of Oz. One of my favourite photos of me as a youngster is one at my baby sister’s christening, wearing a shiny red pair with a buckle strap. I must have been three, and was delighted with them. My memory may be embellishing here, but I recall them as textured, almost faux snakeskin.

Anyway, to today’s pair. An orangey red suede with block heels and gold zips. Love them. So much so that they may have already had an outing on this blog in a previous shoe series. They’ve seen shamefully few outings in real life though. I just can’t walk in them.

They were a spontaneous purchase from Zara: having read a magazine article in which the fashion editor described joyfully ‘running up and down the office stairs in them’, I rushed out to buy a pair. Something in their design makes them incredibly uncomfortable. The first time I (attempted) to wear them was for a house party. It was my own, so I didn’t exactly have far to go, but even then I abandoned them within the hour.

I may end up doing the same this evening. We have house guests arriving this afternoon and I plan to wear them for dinner to bring a festive slash of colour to my grey jumpsuit. We’ll see how long they last!

Enjoy the weekend everyone – not many shopping days ‘til Christmas now!


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