The Twelve Cakes of Christmas – Day 1

It’s that time of year again: Christmas is coming, the cue for my ‘The Twelve Shoes of Christmas‘ series of blog posts, with a new pair of shoes for each of the days leading to up to Christmas. This year I thought it was time to ring the changes, not least because, in this third year of ‘The Twelve Days’ blog, I don’t think I have enough shoes to feature a different pair every day, ones that haven’t appeared previously. So it’s time for something different. Casting around for inspiration, I asked my fiancé for ideas, and he suggested the twelve cakes theme (we had just left a coffee shop at the time). Initially I baulked, protesting that I couldn’t possibly eat a cake a day. Then I realised that was nonsense and that this was a challenge I’d relish! So I’m kicking off today with a chocolate cake made by my own fair hand for my favourite 15 year old’s birthday. Check back in each day to see what other cakes I’m eating over the next twelve days!

By the way, for all you purists out there, as part of my ‘research’ for this post, I discovered that the Twelve Days of Christmas actually start on Christmas Day and finish on Twelfth Night, January 5th. But that doesn’t seem so much fun as being part of the festive build-up. Plus even I don’t want to commit to eating a cake a day after Christmas!


2 thoughts on “The Twelve Cakes of Christmas – Day 1

  1. That looks yummy! And reminds me that this weekend I need to marzipan and ice my Christmas cake – sloshing in all the brandy I’ve been feeding it for a couple of weeks. I will miss the shoes though…

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