The 12 Days of Christmas – The earrings series, day 1


After a year off last year, I’m bringing back my fun 12 days of Christmas series. Starting out with shoes, which I published for several years, I did a sugar-laden series of cakes in 2016. This year it’s time for the earrings! My mission is to dig into my jewellery collection and bring out my old favourites and some I haven’t worn for ages. A different pair each day, naturally. And I’m hoping I don’t discover too many bereft singletons in my earring box, their one-time partner having being lost in that mysterious place where odd socks, keys and pens find themselves.

So the pair I’m kicking off with is a couple of whimsical hearts. I bought these by the Cornish seaside in Padstow and they always make me smile. I’m off to an Alliance meeting in London today and I’m going to enjoy wearing these, along with their matching necklace. Please come back tomorrow to see what I choose to deck my ears with on Friday!


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