The Twelve Days of Christmas: The earrings series – Christmas Day


Did I say yesterday’s pair of diamonds were my piece de resistance? Well, I may have to reconsider! How about these little babies? Flashing Christmas reindeers! A Poundland special. What more can I say?

It has been a lot of fun doing this year’s earrings series. And delving into my trinket box has been a real nostalgia trip in many cases. It’s made me realise just how much of my jewellery has either been given to me by my lovely family and friends, or bought somewhere on my travels and just how much pleasure this gives me. So I will continue to buy distinctive pieces on my trips – and hopefully the gorgeous gifts will keep on coming!

This project has also reawakened my enthusiasm for more adventurous earring wearing and next year I’m determined to bring a greater variety to my ear adornments. It’s been a blast. I think next year it might be time to go back to the shoes. I’ll just need to make sure I have enough new pairs to showcase (shoecase?) alongside some of my long-loved faves!!





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