The 12 Days of Shoes – Easy like Sunday morning

Let’s face it, when I’m not rediscovering the delights of my largely-forgotten shoe wardrobe, this is what I’ve mainly been wearing this season. Warm, comfortable, still chic in a casual way, these have been the perfect buy. Bought in Russell & Bromley pre-Covid, when I was still very much in commuting, City office meeting mode, I wasn’t convinced at the time how much I’d actually wear them. Now, as the scuffed toes visually attest, it’s a very different story.

When I’m working from home, I wear these almost every day to nip out to the coffee stand, hop on my bike for nursery drop-off or pick-up, or whatever. They’re the perfect boot for an active weekend too. In terms of return on investment, if I was looking the cost per wear, I feel as if by now, Russell & Bromley would be paying me every time I pull up those shiny gold zip tags! The combination of comfort and style makes this pair a total winner in my eyes!

On a separate note, anyone who’s following this series on a day-to-day basis, you will have noticed the lack of a post yesterday. For a while, I felt rather anxious about this – I’d made a commitment to do this, I ‘should’ be doing it every day … ‘Should’ is one of those red flags I often call out my clients on, as it can indicate a sense of duty rather then desire. On reflection, I didn’t really feel like posting yesterday, so in the spirit of letting go (see Day 4) and self-compassion, I just didn’t!


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